Centre for Innovation Technology Transfer and Industrial Collaboration (CITTIC)


Centre for Innovation Technology Transfer and Industrial Collaboration (CITTIC) has been designed to establish close bonding between industries, entrepreneur and students to make innovation at the University relevant to the needs of industries at national and international levels. It aims to involve the industries, along with the students and faculty members, in an innovation campaign, whereby CUSAT rejuvenates technology education and develops quality research at the University and helps create a culture of design, new and improved products and processes in our industry.


Maker Weekend 2016

Maker weekend is an attempt to celebrate and increase the spectrum of inovation by building a maker culture. It is aimed to provide the right kind of support structure to learners and innovators who want to make their potential or idea into next level.

Maker Party 2015

With the participation of over 4000 participants, 60+ makers, 30+ exhibits and more than 10 talks we where able to host one of the world’s largest maker festival benefitting people from all walks of life. They were able to get hands on experience and knowledge from the experts.


Promoting social entrepreneurship. A two day non-residential camp for students that involved various activities, talks and sessions to boost the sense of social responsibility and need to pledge technology for the betterment of the society.


Students-Investors-Entrepreneur Meet One of its kind event bridging student entrepreneurs and investors with over Rupees 1 Lakh as angel investment and 300+ Internship oppurtunities. There were 1000+ participants from across the state who were benefitted out of this event

Designed by Nithin Varghese