About Us

CITTIC has been established as a center for Innovation, Technology Transfer & Industry Collaboration which is a win-win for all its stake holders namely CUSAT and its members, industry, smart entrepreneurs, the government of Kerala, other government sponsored research institutions / universities and the general public.


To be a nodal centre for translating the fruits of academic research into products and services for the benefit of the society.


• To facilitate the formation of emerging technology businesses leveraging on the expertise of CUSAT

• To provide a vibrant, innovative and entrepreneurial environment for faculty and students to run university- connected start-up companies

Objectives of the centre :

1. To facilitate the protection and transfer of university created discoveries into new products and services
2. To promote regional economic growth and job creation.
3. To be the nodal centre for channelizing the research efforts of other universities / public institutions in Kerala to maximize the benefits to the society.
4. To enhance relationship with industry by identifying a range of models for collaboration with the university.
5. To generate new funding support for the university.
6. To actively facilitate formation of university-connected start-up companies.
7. To facilitate the promotion of small / singly owned entrepreneurial ventures.
8. To accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services.
9. To Provide a base for technology businesses to set up and grow leveraging on the expertise of CUSAT.

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